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Many families reach out after the conclusion of the services to let us know how much our support and guidance meant to them in their time of need, and we’re honored to receive such heartfelt praise. We feel that these messages speak for themselves and we’d like to share them with you.

If you feel we’ve gone above and beyond in supporting you through this difficult time, or would simply like to reach out and say thanks, contact us to share your thoughts. It means the world to us to hear from you and know that we’ve made a difference.

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Ronnie and the whole team are amazing! Ronnie became part of the family in guiding and helping us through the planning and preparation of Mom for the service in the middle of the night. Mom passed away here in Stillwater but was taken by Ronnie to Tulsa for burial. He and his staff did a great job making everyone feel at ease during all of the phases of this moment in our lives. It has been a month since the service and I have received two emails from the staff. They wanted to check on me and see how I was doing. This is truly above and beyond and shows how real and genuine the people at Dighton Marler are. Brenda Hoffman - Brenda Hoffman

Brenda Hoffman

July 31, 2023

Was there for a viewing. The staff was very respectful and courteous. - Donna Parks

Donna Parks

July 26, 2023

Quint and Ronnie handled both of my parents funeral. They did a fantastic job from start to finish and I would HIGHLY recommend them when the time is needed. Thank you guys for all you did to make their service memorable and special! - Brian Mason

Brian Mason

July 26, 2023

We didn't have a chance to do any pre-planning. We had heard 2 sources say that Dighton Marler takes great care of their clients, so at 1am in the morning when our difficult heart wrenching phone call was made, it was to Ronnie @ Dighton Marler Funeral Home. We were all the way out in the boondocks and he came and picked up my mom and treated her like the royalty that she is. He allowed us as much time as we needed for rest and planning - we did go in much later that day and we continued to get the same family feel treatment.( I hope that you will read to the end because burying your loved one is so hard to do and you need the right people helping you do it. We were so fortunate to have been guided by 2 references because we've since heard other people's experiences and know that our service was exceptional comparatively..)The facility at Dighton Marler Funeral Home is Beautiful! They have the ability to have a really nice service there --- or they can take care of you out of town! If you know someone that's in a situation that needs a Funeral Home, call Dighton Marler...even if you're in OKC, they could take care of you. I know I probably sound like a commercial, but legitimately it's because you get to know your Funeral Company Staff. These are going to be the people that are going to hold your hands through some of the biggest, most dramatic moments in your life.. - Mary Anne Cantwell

Mary Anne Cantwell

July 26, 2023

Thank you Ronnie for doing such a wonderful job professionally and emotionally with our family. Every touch you gave to my Moms service was thoughtful and well planned. I am so thankful that I have all of you there to help us through this time!

Brenda Hoffman

July 20, 2023

"Thank You" for all you did to help our family during the loss of our mother. You all made a very difficult time a little easier to handle. Special appreciation to Paul and Ronnie for going above and beyond! Your kindness and compassion were felt by all. We were truly blessed! Thank you!

Family of Frances Kemnitz

December 15, 2020

Planning a funeral here was so much easier than the one I planned through a Dignity owned funeral home. We were treated with care and compassion. After the Dignity experience I swore I would never prepay a funeral. Not so now. I just wouldn't prepay through a corporate owned home. Well done, Hayden!

Terri Hollarn

April 22, 2020

Absolutely wonderful caring staff.. very professional and they do an amazing job!! Thank you all for your caring hospitality you are great —Jeannetta Stipe

Jeannetta Stipe

April 22, 2020

Planning a funeral here was so much easier than the one I planned through a Dignity owned funeral home. We were treated with care and compassion. After the Dignity experience I swore I would never prepay a funeral. Not so now. I just wouldn't prepay through a corporate owned home. Well done, Hayden! —Terri Karner Hollarn

Terri Hollarn

April 22, 2020

To All, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything that you did for our family. You made what would be a horrible experience very manageable and easy! Hayden, you were awesome! The Allinson Family

Lindsey, Tanya & Carrie

April 20, 2020

Thank you for your attention and professionalism to the David Clodfelter service.


February 02, 2020

Elisabeth was a wonderful, kind friend. She was dedicated to her family, her church and her nursing career.

Norma Briscoe Lewis

January 09, 2020

Dear Ronnie and Staff, We want to thank you for the meaningful Candlelight Remembrance service and fellowship. The music, Charles message and the candlelighting were so meaningful. The refreshments were tasty and the Christmas ornament is so precious to me. All was so thoughtful and appreciated. Blessing to all. Mae Berry and Family

Mae Berry and Family

January 08, 2020

Hayden, Charlene and staff of Dighton-Marler, At such a difficult time, you made the arrangements and process so simple. Linda Matheson and family

Linda Matheson

July 18, 2019

Dear Dighton-Marler Funeral Home, Thank you very much for providing the premium on my Lamb at the Payne County Premium Sale. Your generous investment in me is greatly appreciated and will help me continue my show projects in the coming year.

Sutton Cartmell

April 10, 2019

Ronnie, our family absolutely appreciates everything that you and your staff did for our family during the loss of our mother. You made the hardest days that we have had to deal with, much easier. Thank you for going above and beyond by helping us. Donna Crites and Family (Pat Harris family)

Donna Crites

April 08, 2019

Ronnie, we so appreciate everything you did in coordinating the services for our sweet girl. You went beyond what was necessary and we are all grateful. We will never forget the kindnesses shown to us during this difficult time. Many thanks to you and your staff. The family of Shelly Dawn Roe-Stallbaumer

Carolyn Roe

February 18, 2019

Dighton-Marler Staff, Thank you for serving our family during our recent loss. You helped us through decisions we had to make when it was hard to thing straight. We appreciate how you are so upbeat and positive at a time when it's hard to be positive. You also keep Christ present which we very much believe and appreciate! Thank you again. Blessings, Jerry Sparkman and family

Jerry Sparkman

December 27, 2018

Thank you for serving our family so well when we lost my mom. You guys are so good at what you do. I really appreciated how you helped us focus on the great life that my mom lived and how she was such a blessing to all of us. Thanks again!

Tammy Cowan

December 17, 2018

On behalf of my family and I, Thank you for the handling of Verlin's funeral service and burial. You did a most excellent job and we truly appreciate it. Thanks.

Pat Simmons

November 16, 2018

Thank you for the book "Lift Up Thine Eyes" in memory of my mom, Irene Shaffer!

Donna and Family

November 12, 2018

My family and I can not thank you enough for all you have done for us as we dealt with such a heart breaking time. The compassion, support, and closure you brought to us is something we will forever be grateful for. We truly appreciate you.

The Horner Family

October 30, 2018

Dear Ronnie, Lacey & all the staff, Please accept our deep appreciation for your compassionate and expert services in the life celebration of my dad- We appreciate very much your care of us and the skills in creating the video and managing of the services and visitation. We felt like family May God Bless You! Thank You! Sincerely, Jeannie Schardein

Jeannie Schardein

October 10, 2018

A special "Thank You" for your care and concern during the loss of mother, Dorothy Weaver. You, Hayden, and the staff conducted her memorial service in excellent fashion. We were very pleased with all your services. Also, thank you for the lovely "lift Up Thine Eyes" memory book. The family is very grateful and we will send referrals to your funeral home.

Delphine Heppel and family

September 27, 2018

Our family will always remember the many kindnesses, professionalism, and the caring way you helped us from our initial shock to the celebration of life for Rebecca Brooner. It is truly a several weeks process and our family felt your compassion every step of the way. The wood engraved gift box and coin are very special to us all and is a family keepsake we will treasure always.

Cindy Shewmake

September 27, 2018

To everyone at Dighton-Marler Funeral Home, Our family would like to say Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful Lift Up Thine Eyes Book! We will cherish this volume forever! It's such a wonderful memorial of our loved one, my husband and father to our three kids, Michael "Mike" Sumpter! We feel this book is a real blessing to us! We also want to say thank you for the wonderful job you all done on my husbands funeral, or as we call it... his celebration of life ceremony! We want to give a special shout out to Hayden, who helped us through a very difficult time and made things so much easier for us! He done a spectacular job and treated us with such respect! He was also a good friend of my husband! We really appreciate you all and will definitely recommend you to anyone who may need to use your services! Thank you all again and May God Bless You All Always!

The Michael "Mike" Sumpter Family (Joy, Hana, Clayton, and Jacob)

September 25, 2018

Ronnie, Hayden, Velva and Team Thank you so much for all you did for the McClure Family. Your services made our time of loss easier to deal with.

Robert and Judy

August 22, 2018

Dear Hayden, The kids and I want to say how much we appreciate you for everything. You have done for Mike and our family! I know you say and think it's your job or you were just doing your job, but we know you really went above and beyond the call of duty for Mike and our family! You made a difficult time in our lives, a very easy process and we can't express enough how very much we appreciate you! Thank you also for having the vault repainted in OSU colors! You made it possible for him to be buried in style, the way he would've wanted! He may not have been buried in an OSU casket but he would've liked this so much better! You had it customized just for him! We all loved it so much! We also want to say Thank you for being such a wonderful and special friend to us all! We cant express enough how much we appreciate you! All our love and appreciation, God Bless You!

The Mike Sumpter Family (Joy,Hannah, Clayton, and Jacob)

August 03, 2018

Thank you for the wonderful and caring services you all did for my wife, Patricia.

Bill Holle

July 27, 2018

I can not thank you enough for everything that you all did for us. You helped us make the hardest day of our lifes a little better and when we watched the video to put a smile on our faces!

Sandy and Jason Foster

July 09, 2018

We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your support and help during the unexpected loss of our sister, Sharon Rolling.

Susan, Tim, Cynthia Rolling

June 19, 2018

Thank you so much for the heartfelt gift. this book is beautiful and touched us deeply. Thank you also for all you done for our family and your kindness and warmth.

Lucille Schultz Family

June 19, 2018

Thanks so much for the lovely book, "Lift Up Thine Eyes". I am a Christian and have faith that my aunt Carmen is now with Jesus, But I found the opening article on grieving to be good and helpful. I thou roughly enjoyed the scriptures and marvelous artwork. The Bible helps at the end are excellent too. Thanks for your thoughtfulness in sending this and may God bless and encourage you.

Jenny Sherman

June 08, 2018

Dear Hayden, Donny, Sara, and I all want to thank you for the excellent job you did as we prepared for and went through my aunt's death (Carmen Lopez). We really appreciate your helpfulness and patience and also the fact that you did not push more expensive options. You and the staff there do a great job. We know it is not an easy one. May God bless and encourage you all each day.

Donny, Jenny, Sara Sherman

June 06, 2018

My family and I would like to say thank you for the beautiful volume that you provided when my mom passed. Although this has been a while coming, we would like you to know how much it is appreciated. God Bless You.

Family of Alta Nicholson

April 09, 2018

Ronnie, Thanks again for all your help with David's funeral. I watched the service again with my dad on DVD. Hard to believe that came together in only 3 days -- but we did it thanks to you and your team!

Richard Oberhelman

April 02, 2018

Wanted to thank you for your services during the passing of Puddin Payne. Thank you for the excellent job on preparing his lovely face especially. He had a rough go during his cancer fight. It showed in his face and your make-up artist truly helped. He had an angel face. Thank you so much for everything. His charm and personality was so so sweet and fun. his eyes gleamed and his constantly laughed - he was the Puddin everyone loved - thank you again for presenting him so well at the viewing. Don't usually write funeral home services thank you notes but felt you truly deserved it.

Glory King

March 29, 2018

Richard and I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful guidance and service you provided for David Oberhelman's funeral. We had never been to Stillwater and had no say in where David's body was taken or even who the pastor was for the service, but everything went perfectly. The chapel, the reception area, the service, the flower notations, the guestbook the programs, even the thank you notes were tasteful and so fitting for a research librarian. We never felt pressured but always felt like the right choices were presented to us. Thank you for a job done well and with compassion.

Sue Berry and Richard Oberhelman

March 16, 2018

A million thanks couldn't even begin to tell you just how appreciative we are! The care and compassion you guys showed my daughter was above and beyond my expectations. You guys truly made her look like an angel. the Kindness, respect and patience you gave us is beyond measure! My heart though broken is still happy with the manner my daughter was honored! With Sincerest thanks and love.

Tommy, Beth, Lexie, Emily, and Jace

March 12, 2018

The Schroeder family want to thank you for the very nice memory book for Terry. We thank you for your caring and thoughtfulness during our time of sorrow. It is a beautiful book and will be treasured by the family.

Bonnie Schroeder

March 01, 2018

I cannot thank you enough for the love and compassion that you exuded in my young daughters care. I could not have asked for anything better. The time you took with my family and I in making sure we were informed of every detail and accomodating our every request! You guys were simply amazing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! The Diaz family

Bethany Diaz

January 22, 2018

Our family can not thank you enough for your kindness and compassion! We appreciate how well you took special care of our sweet Jenna. Everything went so smoothly and she was just so beautiful! Thank you so much!

McKinzie Family

January 17, 2018

The Kuehl family would like to thank you for arranging Clarence Kuehl's and Connie Bartley's Joint celebration of life. Everything went well, and was handled very professionally.

The Kuehl Family

January 15, 2018

Ronnie, Kenny and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you thank you for all you did to make Jenna's funeral go so well. So many said it was wonderful and full of love. Your compassion for our kids was so heart felt. Thank you for allowing Christ to be seen in you.

Kenny and Susan Harwell (Jenna McKinzie's Mimi and Pawpaw)

December 29, 2017

Thank you so very much for all you did for us regarding the passing of my mother, Madge Bolt. I can't imagine how the arrangements might have been better. We are truly grateful to you.

Tom Bolt

December 11, 2017

On behalf of the family of Cheryl Sanders, I want to thank you for the service you provided for my family. While losing granny was a blessed end to her suffering, it still was hard. Over all, we couldn't be more pleased with the end result. I could not be more proud to have the professional relationship. Thank you all and God Bless!

Travis Downey

October 25, 2017

The family of Glenn Anson thanks you for sending the book "Lift Up Thine Eyes" and for the comforting words it contains. We truly appreciate your compassion for our loss. Wanda Anson

Family of Glenn Anson

August 07, 2017

Palmer Marler Staff, We want to thank you for being so kind and helpful during the loss of our mother, Mary Ann dorl. The complete process was easier because of you. We appreciate everything that you did. Robin & Rick Dorl

Mary Ann Dorl Family

August 02, 2017

I appreciate your organization and how everything was handled. It was a very nice service. My Dad had dreaded the day but afterwards he felt so good about how it happened. Thank you.

Heppel Family

August 02, 2017

I appreciate your organization and how everything was handled. It was a very nice service. My Dad had dreaded the day but afterwards he felt so good about how it happened. Thank you.

Vickie Walker

August 02, 2017

Ronnie, Thanks for all your help with arranging Mom's Memorial Service. You made the whole process very easy. We appreciate all that you and the staff at Palmer Marler did for us!

The Davis Family

July 27, 2017

Thank you so much for doing all/taking care of Bennett's funeral arrangements. We appreciate everything you did for us. Your kindness, flexibility, availability(text), and willingness to help was a blessing. Thank you for taking my feedback respectfully and constructively. I can't think of a better/nicer person to do such a difficult job with such kindness. With gratitude, Jase & Jessica Collum

Jase & Jessica Collum

July 27, 2017

"Thank You" to everyone for your recent help on my husband's funeral. Everyone was very helpful and kind.

Mary Hall

July 27, 2017

Dear Ronnie, Jill & Staff, Thank you for your care and concern with our family after John's passing. Also, we appreciate the copy of "Lift Up Thine Eyes." Everything was appreciated.

Carolyn Baird

July 27, 2017

Thank you all very much for the beautiful memory book for Danny. Your kindness is appreciated very much.

Linda Darrow

July 27, 2017

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